Church planting in the New Testament

May 6th, 2010

As I mentioned yesterday I am reading Frank Viola’s book Finding Organic Church. In the first part it talks about how the early church went about planting new churches. It outlines four ways they undertook this work on pages 48 & 49.

1. The Jerusalem model – A group of apostolic workers spends years raising up one large church. After a number of years, the church is transplanted into many different cities, thus creating many new churches. The apostolic workers then visit the new churches and lay fresh foundations for them.

2. The Antioch model – Apostolic workers are sent out from a local church to plant new churches in new cities. The workers leave the churches in their infancy but give periodic help and encouragement as they mature.

3. The Ephesian model – An older worker resides in a particular city to plant a new church and train younger workers. He then sends those workers out to plant new churches in nearby regions.

4. The Roman model – Christians from many different churches transplant themselves into a particular city to establish one new church.

I found this summary of how they planted new churches very interesting. I think its a very useful and a succint way of describing their methods.

I can also see how these methods led to the rapid growth of the first century church.

God Bless,