Don’t forget God in the good times

May 4th, 2010

In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah we see the people of Israel returning to the Lord. This takes place after many of the people had been returned from exile in a foreign land.

In chapter 8 we see the people asked Ezra to read the Book of the Law to them all. Verse 18 tells us that he read for seven days and then on the eighth day the people had an assembley. In chapter 9 we see that the people began to confess their sins. This happened when the reading turned to prayer. We see that the prayer contained a re-telling of all that God had done for the people.

It talks about rescuing them from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, supplying the peoples needs in the desert, receiving the commandments and entering the promised land. It tells of all of God’s blessings and miraculous interventions.

In the midst of this we see that even though they were blessed, the people gradually forgot about God and left Him out of things. We see is chapter 9 they rebelled against God’s laws (v26), they did evil evil in His sight (v28) and became arrogant (v29).

How did God resond? For a time He allowed them to be scattered or displaced, but He was never so far away that He could not respond to their cry for help. Verses 19 and 28 tell us that He responded out of His love for them and His compassion.

As I read these chapters it seems that part of our human nature is that we can forget God in the good times. In the times of suffering and trial we cry out to God and we pray day and night, but when things are going well we can become complacent. Not always, but sometimes.

The challenge for us today, some several thousand years later, is not to forget God in the good times. We need to walk with God daily, to live according to His Word, to pray and seek His face. We need to make a personal commitment to follow Him like the people did in Nehemiah chapter 10.

Let’s all purpose in our hearts today to follow God wholeheartedly. Let’s follow Him in both the good times and in the bad times. Let’s not forget God like the people did in Nehemiah’s time.

God Bless,