Three ways I write Bible blog posts

May 1st, 2010

I was asked how I go about writing my blog posts the other day. Especially the blog posts on Bible topics or passages. Today I thought I would share the three types of blog post ideas I use.

1. On a single verse post – sometimes I might have been reflecting on a particular Bible verse. I might have read it recently and have been mulling it over and what it means to me. I think just try to put my thoughts down in a post in a way that will encourage and bless people. Here is an example – “Clothe yourselves right“.

2. On a passage post – at other times I might have a read an interesting passage in my daily readings. Generally I will use the heading for the section in the Bible and try to pull out three or four points from the passage. In a sense I try to give each paragraph a heading and then explain each one. Here’s an example – “Jesus’ teaching about money and possessions“.

3. On a Bible theme post – my final way I come up with ideas for blog posts is by looking in my concordance and seeing what the Bible says on a particular subject. I did this recently for the post titled, “What does the Bible say about Angels“. By the end of the post you get an overview of what the Bible says on that subject.

So there you go, that is three ways with how I come up with ideas for my Bible posts. I thought I would share them for any aspiring bloggers out there. Just as a matter of interest – number 2 and 3 are how I go about writing sermons too.

God Bless,