Philemon the man

April 7th, 2010

I was just reading one of the shortest books in the Bible – Philemon. It is only one chapter that contains 25 verses.

While the main theme of the book is Paul’s request to Philemon to receive back the runaway slave Onesimus, I enjoyed the section that talked about Philemon the person. In verses 1-7 we find out what type of person he is.

  1. He is a much loved co-worker (v1)
  2. He has a house church meet in his home (v2)
  3. He has a strong faith and trust in Jesus (v5)
  4. He has a great love for all of God’s people (v5)
  5. He is generous because of his faith (v6)
  6. Paul has gained much joy and comfort from his love (v7)
  7. His kindness has often refreshed the hearts of God’s people (v7)

While it is only a short chapter, I think it speaks volumes about Philemon and who he is. He really sounds like his faith made a real difference to the way he lived and interacted with those around him.

Philemon sounds like a great example to us today. He had a great love for God and His people, he opened his home and he was a real encouragement and comfort to those around him.

God Bless,