Good parenting advice from Dr Sears

February 23rd, 2010

One of the parenting books I have found quite useful over the years is Dr William Sears book “Parenting and Childcare: A Guide for Christian Parents”. My wife purchased it just before our second child was born.

Two things in the book have really helped me over the years. The first one is about priorities and the second is about setting your goals as a father.

The priorities that Dr Sears talks about is ordering the things that are important in your life. He says that we need to define our priorities and make a commitment and stick to them. Dr Sears suggests that we arrange our lives as such on page 40…

1. God – our relationship with God
2. Family – our next most important responsibility
3. Work – our jobs that help us make a living
4. Church – our church/ministry responsibilities

The second helpful thing from the book is about setting the big picture goals as a father and spiritual leader of the home. These are found on page 41…

1. Love the Lord and love your neighbour as yourself
2. Fear God and keep His commandments
3. Pray for wisdom to make the spiritual decisions which lead you and your family towards your ultimate goal
4. Have a knowledge of Scripture and apply it to your life
5. Live a Christ-centred life in relationship with God as your Father

I have found these two things very helpful advice to me as a husband and a father. I have often referred back to these principles whenever life seems to be getting out of balance or I am going through a tough time. I find these things are the anchor for which I build my family life upon.

If you are a parent or will become one soon, I would encourage you to get a copy of Dr Sears book. It is a handy resource to have in your bookshelf to refer to.

God Bless,