E-vangelism effectiveness

February 2nd, 2010

Every now and then I sit and ponder how effective my efforts at reaching people for Christ are. I wonder how much of an impact I am making in the different areas of my life that I move in.

I guess in many ways we never really see the full effect we are having on peoples lives. It is not always the direct conversations or Bibles and tracts we give away (or are received) that make the difference. Sometimes it is people watching the way we live or the things we say in passing that impact people the most.

Another area I think about is the effectiveness of my e-vangelism efforts. By this I mean the work I do in cyberspace through the PASSION website. Things like the PASSION Blog, the articles and sermons I write, the MP3s I record and the discipleship booklet.

Each month they get downloaded hundreds of times and between 4000-5000 people surf in and grab these resources. I wonder though how well they are used and what impact they are making. I would love to know.

Of course, like many of the things we do in this life we will never really know the impact we are having this side of heaven. Occasionally someone will email us and let us know, but ultimately we will find out when we stand before God. He will let us know how our effective our efforts have been.

In the meantime, I think the best measure of evangelism or e-vangelism success is obedience to God’s promptings. If God places something on your heart to do – do it to the best of your abilities and leave the results to God.

After all we are His servants and it is a privilege to play our part in His Grand Plan of Salvation.

God Bless,