Repentance and re-prioritising

December 15th, 2009

Over the last few weeks God has been speaking to me about repentance and how important it is for us all to be right with God. This was a key theme of my message I did a few weeks ago in two of our local churches.

Repentance is a turning away from sin, disobedience, or rebellion and a turning back to God. Repentance means a change of heart or and a feeling of remorse for past behaviour. It is about getting right with God and choosing to follow His path.

Repentance is also about re-prioritising our lives. I was reminded of this when I was prompted to turn to the Old Testament book of Haggai a few days ago. In this short book we see that the people were starting to return from exile to join those who had stayed in Jerusalem. In their return they had focussed more on their own homes and lives, rather focussing on rebuilding God’s Temple.

God sent Haggai the prophet to tell them it was time to focus on the rebuilding of the Temple. God wanted it to be a place where people could come and worship and where His glory could be seen.

Several times in Haggai chapter one God says through Haggai “”Give careful thought to your ways” (v5 & 7). Rather than focussing on their own lives, homes, crops, drink, food, clothing or wages (v7), they needed to be about the work of building God’s Temple.

In verses 12 to 15 we see that the people received the word from God that Haggai brought and they began to work on rebuilding the Temple. In chapter two God promises the glory of His new Temple would be greater than the old Temple (v9) and that God would bless the people (v19).

For the people in Haggai’s time there was an apathy to the things of God. They were off track and were more interested in building own lives rather than God’s Temple. Unfortunately, we can do the same today. We can focus on building our own homes, families, careers and lives and we can leave God out of the equation.

It is just vital for all of us that we have God in the centre of our lives. He needs to be our focus and our priority. His Kingdom is eternal and we will all live for eternity. Let’s all re-commit today to making God the priority of our lives and commit to following His ways in all we do. Let’s be about building His Kingdom today.

True repentance is about confessing sin and turning to God humbly. It is also about re-prioritising our lives too.

God Bless,