Finding and settling in to a church

November 21st, 2009

Over the years we have had to find and settle in to a new church as we have moved homes. Here is a few tips to help you find and settle in to a new church as soon as you can.

1. Pray first – If we have had several churches we could attend in our area we have prayed and asked God to show us which is the right one. We usually find before long we have a leaning towards one or two of them.

2. Make contact first – If you call the church or visit their website you can find out a bit about them. You can see the things they are involved with as a church and you can ask what to expect during the service. That way you can feel more relaxed when you attend.

3. Attend more than once – I usually encourage people to attend a church for four weeks if they are looking for a new place to worship. That way you get a good idea of what the church flavour is. You can then make a prayerful decision if that is where you should settle.

4. Hang around afterwards – Most churches usually have morning tea after church. This is a good way to talk to some of the members and make some new friends. The more people you connect with during this time, the more likely you will be to stay.

5. Get involved – I am some who prays so I usually find out if a church has a weekly prayer group. For me that is a non threatening way to meet and get to know people away from the big crowds. The home group during the week is also a good way.

If you haven’t been to church before of it has been a while, I would encourage you to attend your local church this Sunday. If you are in Australia you might like to check out some of the links to the church denominations on our links page.

God Bless,