Great weekend of church

October 26th, 2009

I have just had a great weekend that revolved around church events. As a result I feel inspired and encouraged.

The first event was on Saturday. As a church we went through a program that helps you to discover your strengths as a church and some of the areas you need to improve on. In this process we found a couple of areas to work on and we set some outreach targets for the next five years. These plans are about being a blessing to our local community.

On Saturday night we had a variety night that was a fund raising event for our local high school Chaplain. Members of our church sung, read poetry, modelled and performed skits. We didn’t realise we had so many talented people in our church! I even got a chance to be a super model and model a special beanie that was given to me by my wife!

Then Sunday morning at church. We had another inspiring message from our Pastor who talked on the calling on the first disciples and how they left everything to follow Jesus. He also spoke on vision and the type of church we need to be to reach our community. I went away feeling inspired and focused on the task that lies ahead of us.

After church we had a morning tea and then moved our sanctuary around. Young and old people alike grabbed the  pews and moved them around into a way that would be a more effective use of our space. This was something we discussed at the planning day. The great thing about it is that is the Pulpit is right next to a beautiful stained glass window that depicts Christ as the Great Shepherd. It just makes me want to stand up and preach there!

Today we are going down to church to set up the office for our Minister to have a work space at the church. This is so people can drop in during the day and chat. We are keen to have a presence there during the week so people can stop by and so they can go into the church and pray if they want to.

I really love being part of my local church. It is a great church and one where I feel at home. I really love having a place to serve God and be a part of His family in our great town of Merredin.

God Bless,