Homeschooling and socialisation

October 22nd, 2009

One of the big questions we are asked about homeschooling is “What about socialisation?” Some people seem to be concerned that homeschoolers are locked away and don’t get to spend time with other people or others kids.

In todays post I thought I would share a few ways our kids are “socialised”.

  1. Church – we go to church each week and the kids meet up with their Christian friends. Often some of the kids might come around afterwards to play.
  2. Homeschoolers – we make sure our girls get together with other homeschoolers regularly. We might spend a whole afternoon at the park playing, go to someones house or go to the movies together.
  3. Sports – our girls play Netball in Winter and do Athletics in Summer. At both of these sports they interact with kids of the same age, with coaches and other parents.
  4. Neighbours – we have other kids who live in our street that the kids play with. Most of these kids go to traditional schools so they interact with them too.
  5. Shopping – when we go out shopping our kids get to interact with all types of people. We have found this has helped them to relate to people of all ages in a natural way.

So as you can see in the course of a normal week, homeschooled kids have lots of time for socialising. The only difference is that when we do school, we focus 100% on that. And when school is finished it leaves time for hobbies, free time and socialising with family and friends.