Questions to ask a Bible passage

October 21st, 2009

When I read the Bible I am always conscious that God may want to speak to me through it. As I read a chapter a day I try to ask myself a number of questions. Here are some that may help you in your readings.

  1. Is there an example for me to try to follow?
  2. Is there a clear command that I should obey?
  3. Has someone made a mistake I can learn from?
  4. Is there a sin mentioned that I need to avoid?
  5. Is there a promise I can claim for my situation?
  6. Does this teach me something new about God?
  7. Does this teach me how to be closer to God?
  8. Does this give me guidance that I can follow?

I find that when I read a passage and I am asking these questions, I am more open to God to speak and teach me something new.

God Bless,