Just love ACCTV

October 19th, 2009

One of my favourite TV channels by far is the Australian Christian Channel (ACCTV) which is broadcast on Foxtel. It broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has many great speakers everyday.

Just in the last two weeks I have listened to messages from Phil Pringle, Brian Huston, John Bevere, J John, Joyce Meyer, Billy Graham, Jenzen Franklin, Joni and Friends, Phil Baker, Ashley and Jane Evans, Mark Conner, TD Jakes and Joel Osteen.

These are some of the great speakers on the world stage today. They have so much Biblical wisdom and knowledge and each day I get to listen to their teaching. This helps me to grow in my faith and it inspires me to greater things.

The other great thing about ACCTV is it takes you with people going on short term mission trips to all parts of the globe. On these trips you see people providing health care, education, food and building homes, hospitals or churches. You get to see Christ’s love in action and it is changing peoples lives. This also inpsires me to know that I can make a difference too.

If you are able to I would encourage you to watch ACCTV – channel 182 on Foxtel. For me it fills me up with solid Biblical teaching and it inspires and fills me up spritually. This then allows me to pour it out on those around me and build up and encourage them up to!

God Bless,