Sharing your faith is this easy

October 8th, 2009

I heard a great story from J John about sharing your faith the other day. He said he was riding on the underground train in London and was looking around at the people. Most were staring straight out the window and not talking.

As he sat there J John decided to look around and smile at someone. The person smiled back and then walked over and sat next to him. The person said it is not often that someone smiles at me on the train. He said you must be a very nice person or a bit strange!

Anyway, they began to talk and share stories. As they both came to their stops, J John asked if he could give the man a copy of his latest book titled “Jesus”. The man took it and went back to his office, cleared his schedule and read the book in the afternoon. He loved it, asked Jesus into his life and contacted J John to ask for more information.

J John went on to say that evangelism or sharing your faith is easy. He said, “I just smiled at someone, talked and then gave them my book”. That was all it took to change someone’s life and eternal destiny! He went on to say that all we have to do is be prepared by having a book or a tract ready and things will happen.

It just goes to show that evangelism really is that simple. Just be yourself, be preared and be open to people you come in contact with. There is no great formula or no great program needed to reach people for Christ.

God Bless,