Ears, tears and fears

September 28th, 2009

I was watching to a message by Jenzen Franklin yesterday on ACCTV. In it he talked about three things that happen to us as we backslide in our relationship with God.

1. We lose our ears – he said that when our heart towards God goes off, His word is not as important to us and the preaching we hear might go over our heads. Our passion to learn and hear God’s Word lessens.

2. We lose our tears – he then shared that as our hearts grow cold we lose the joy of our salvation and we are less likely to be moved by things that have moved us in the past. Things that made us cry in the past don’t seem to touch us anymore.

3. We lose our fear – the last thing he spoke about was that our reverential fear and awe of God is gone. We are now longer in awe of God and His majesty and that we treat the things of God like everyday things. Rather than as holy and pure.

It was an interesting message and one that I think will help us all if we are sensing our relationship with God is not as close as it once was. How are you going with these three things?

God Bless,