A Community Minister

September 20th, 2009

I have been thinking about different roles I would like to undertake as a Minister lately. One that keeps coming to mind is something I would call a Community Minister.

The Community Minister could be employed by the local church to be a blessing to the local community. They would work under the Senior Minister of the church, but rather than being focused mostly on the church members, they would be focused on the local community.

I could imagine being a person who is in charge of the church’s compassion ministry that helps the community members who are in need. They might organise and deliver food parcels, help people finding furniture and being available for times of crisis. They could also be involved with teaching Scripture at the local schools, visiting at the hospitals and nursing homes and be the public face representing the church at community forums.

I guess I would see this role as someone who is there to help the community and to be a bridge to the church. They would be there to help, but also be there to pray for and offer comfort and support from the Bible for those who are open to that. In many ways I guess I am thinking of a role of a community Chaplain.

And of course the Community Minister would be there to support the Senior Minister and the local congregation too. I would see them having small teaching, preaching and discipleship role within the church too.

Time will tell if this is just something I am thinking about or if this is something God is speaking to me about and something He wants me to do.

God Bless,