Starting Revelations today

September 14th, 2009

I start reading the Book of Revelation today in my quest to read the whole New Testament this year. I am looking forward to reading the Book of Revelation again. It is an interesting book.

While most other Bible books look at the past, Revelations looks to the future. It talks about heaven, the things that will happen in the lead up to when Jesus comes back and then the New Heavens and New Earth.

While the Book of Revelation can be interpreted in different ways, first and foremost for me it is a call to be a faithful disciple. It reminds me that God is in control and when the time is right Jesus is coming back.

It also gives us a great promise of blessing in the first chapter. In chapter one verse three it says, “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of the prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written in it; for the time is near”.

If you haven’t read Revelations before you can find it online at

God Bless,