Definately awesome Dad

September 6th, 2009

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia. For me this is a great day as my kids are my joy. I love my kids dearly and want to be the best Dad I can possibly be.

So when my kids gave me a special coffee cup today for Father’s Day it brought a tear to my eye. It wasn’t so much the cup, but the words it said on it…

“You are always there for me in a strong, but caring way. You demonstrate integrity through all you do and say. You’ve been a great example, and I couldn’t be more glad, to give you a special title…Definately Awesome Dad”.

Now it is just simple cup with a simple message. But the thing to me is that my kids see me as an awesome Dad and one who loves, cares for them and is a great example.

Combine this with some homemade cards, lots of cuddles and kisses and I am a very happy man. No I take that back…I am a very blessed man.

If you are a Daddy, I hope you had a great Father’s Day too!

God Bless,