Reaching, encouraging and equipping

August 27th, 2009

Several weeks ago I read a biography about the late M.R. DeHaan who was the founder of Radio Bible Class (now RBC Ministries). He was the Pastor of a church in the 1930’s who used radio to reach the masses and grow his church.

One section of the book has been resonating inside me since I read it. It talked about how the church saw the radio ministry as its “most outstanding domestic missionary work”. They really used the power of radio to reach out and teach people.

M.R. DeHaan went on to say that he used radio for the “conversion of sinners, the edification of saints, and the comfort of shut-ins”. In many ways this sentence resonates within me as my desire for PASSION Australia is to reach, encourage and equip people for Christ. It is a similar idea to M.R. DeHaan’s, but using the different medium of the internet rather than radio.

It all makes me wonder what people will be using in 70-80 years time to reach, encourage and equip people for Christ. Radio is still around and the internet is growing, but it will be interesting to see what lies ahead and how the Gospel will be preached in years to come.

Whatever technology is available I hope people like M.R. DeHaan will use the technology to continue Christ’s mission on earth in 2070 and beyond.

God Bless,