Spiritual friendships and connections

July 23rd, 2009

One of the things I love about being a Christian is that you can have great connections and friendships with people because you both love and follow Jesus.

Last night after our weekly church prayer time, one of the guys and I stood around outside church and just talked for an hour. We talked about our faith, our lives, our church, our hopes and dreams, our community and our shared love for Jesus.

After we talked and talked and talked, we both shook hands with big smiles on our faces and we drove home to our families. It was a great time and I went home inspired and uplifted.

The great thing I love about this is that even though we are from vastly different backgrounds and experiences, our common love for Jesus brings a great connection. It connects us on a deep spiritual level to each other and to God.

I am really thankful for the great spiritual connection and friendships God has given me since I have come to Christ. I have never really connected with people on such a deep level until Jesus came into my life and made it possible.

God Bless,