Family and purpose

July 20th, 2009

One of the great things I have found since coming to Christ is that my life has a great sense of meaning and purpose. Having a sense of purpose has dramatically changed my world and given me an upwards and outwards focus.

One of the big purposes and reasons for living God has given me is my family. I really believe that a major reason I am walking on this earth is to love, bless, encourage, support and serve my wife and kids.

It burns so strong inside me to be the best husband and father I can be so my family can feel loved, cared for and supported. I also yearn to see them all be all they can be in Christ.

When I was younger kids were never on my radar. I only ever wanted to meet the girl of my dreams. But when I met Larissa I knew kids were part of God’s ultimate plan for us. He made it pretty clear on our second date!

While I have always been aware that a big part of my purpose was rapt up in my family, I was reminded of it again last week when my family was away.

While it was good to have the time and space to think and pray, something was really missing without my girls here. A big part of my heart and a big part of my life purpose was missing too!

How about you? What are some of the things that bring you purpose in life? Has it changed since you came to Christ? Has God given you a new reason for living?

God Bless,