What am I building?

July 13th, 2009

The last few weeks as I have been driving around town I have noticed some old railway houses being torn down. There is about 6-7 of them in different states of being demolished. One of them is pictured above which will only be a pile of rubble in the next few days.

As I have driven past these old houses, I have been thinking about how we spend so much of our lives seeking to buy and pay off our own home. Many of us strive for 20-30 years to own our own patch of earth with a house on it. We often get into so much debt to do it and we often do jobs we don’t like to pay them off to experience the “Great Aussie Dream”.

As I drove past these houses the other day I couldn’t help but ask myself the question, “What am I building with my life?” Am I building and focussing all of my energy on something that will one day end in a pile of rubble or am I building something which has an eternal value?

The best way I know to build something eternal is to build into the lives of others. To encourage and support them in their times of need, to tell them about God’s love for them, to teach them the Word of God, to inpsire them to be all they can be for God and to help them to become lifelong followers of Christ. When we do these things in the lives of others we are doing things that will outlast this life and reach eternity.

Let’s purpose in our hearts today to really build into the lives of others. Let’s make a real and lasting difference to those around us. Let’s purpose to build something that will outlast this life and stand in eternity. As the Bible says in Matthew 6:19-21, “Don’t store up treasures here on earth…Store your treasures in heaven”.

God Bless,