Four types of commitment

June 28th, 2009

This morning I was reflecting on commitment. For many people commitment is very hard to make. Whether it is going to church regularly, getting married or to a long term job, some just find it hard. Then I thought about the the four types of commitment I like to see at church.

1. Commitment to Jesus – I love to see new people committing their lives to Christ for the first time. For me there is nothing like someone coming to Christ and committing to following Him.

2. Commitment to Growth – I love to see people learning the basics of the Christian faith and committing their lives to prayer, Bible reading and fellowship. Committing to these things bring spiritual growth in oursleves and in our relationship with God and others.

3. Commitment to Service – I love to see people committing themselves to serving in some area of the church. When we come to Christ and start to grow in our faith, commitment to serving in God’s house should be a natural outworking of our faith.

4. Commitment to Ministry – I love to see people come to the point where they want to spend the rest of their life in God’s service in Ministry. When someone makes the commitment to attend Bible college I get very excited and encouraged.

So there you have it. Four commitments I like to see happening at church. May be see them at all of our churches.