A great testimony of God working

June 23rd, 2009

I heard a great testimony of a friend leading a family of four to Christ yesterday. He is a committed Christian who lives in Canarvon in the north west of Western Australia.

My friend loves to go fishing off the beach or from his kayak. A few weeks back he was fishing off the beach and he noticed a family had got their 4wd bogged in the beach sand. He went over to offer help as he had a 4wd and could tow them out.

As they were getting the car out he was talking and sharing his faith with them. As it turned out others had been praying for them and sharing their faith with them too. At the end of the conversation the whole family said they wanted to commit their lives to Christ. So they all prayed together.

After this my friend began talking about baptism and explaining that it is important for new Christians to be baptised. The family asked if they could be baptised straight away. So they did it in the ocean right then and there!

Since this time the family has continued back home and have linked in with a local church. My friend has been following them up.

For me this is a great testimony of making yourself available to God to use. When we are open to God and willing to be used, it is amazing how God can use us to do amazing things.

God Bless,