Old and new school leadership

June 19th, 2009

John Finkelde did an interesting post today about Old and New School Leadership from his recent Masters intensive. In it he lists some of the traits of each style.

Old Style – command, control, top down, do as I say, marathon, work work work, heirachy, I’ve got my education.

New Style – collaberate, complimentary, relational, modelling, series of sprints, work/life balance, flat structures, life long learning.

John’s post echoes a lot of what I learnt in my leadership unit that I did at Tabor last year which helped to shape my ideas on what being a leader is for me.

I found that while I have always seen myself as a leader, I never quite felt comfortable in being the one in command and telling  people what to do from top down. I have always favoured the player coach type model that works along side people in a relational way.

Of course there are times when you need to really stand up and say this is what we need to do and set the course strongly. But I think most of the time I feel more comfortable working in a leadership team environment to bring God’s plans to pass.

If you would like to check out John’s blog you can do it here