Reading the Bible with new eyes

June 11th, 2009

One of the things I have really noticed this year as I am reading one chapter a day of the Bible is that I am reading with new eyes. I think this is because of my Bible college studies I did last year.

It is almost like a have a new filter in place as I read. In many ways I am reading each chapter through the lens of my Bible studies. All the units I took, all the lectures I listened to, all the text books I read, all the assignments I wrote and all the discussions I had have re-shaped me and how I see Scripture.

As a result of my studies I have found that as I am reading I feel more connected to the story and to the people in it. More often that not I feel like an obeserver who is walking along side them all. Listening and learning (or re-learning) as I go. I find I am able to understand the people and the situation better because of the background studies I have done.

It is an amazing feeling that even though I have been a Christian for nearly 20 years, the Bible can still feel so new and fresh to me as I read. Going back to Bible college last year really helped me to learn more about the Bible and it also gave me a new love and appreciation for this great Holy Book we call the Bible.

If you haven’t done any Bible studies in a while, perhaps you can check out some of the free courses at They might just give you a new love and appreciation for the Bible too!

God Bless,