Church beliefs

June 4th, 2009

Over the years I have been to a number of churches and have read their statements of faith. These are how the church lets people know what they believe and what is important to them.

As I am in the process of building our church’s website I looked to see what the Uniting Church as a whole had on their website. I thought this was a nice and simple statement of what the church as a whole believed and tries to put into practice…

“The Uniting Church confidently believes that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God brings us into right relationship with God, whereby in faith we can:

  • live in a close, loving, personal, dynamic relationship with the living God
  • participate in the worshipping, caring and serving community of Christians
  • receive God’s gifts so that life can be what God means it to be loving, purposeful, joyful, eternal
  • tell others of this good news and live it out in acts of compassion, service and justice in the community.”

While it doesn’t mention the Bible, the Trinity or other doctrines, it clearly states that the way to God is through Jesus and we are called to enter into relationship with the Father. It also talks about living in community with other Christians, using God’s gifts and the purpose this brings, sharing the Gospel and serving our community with compassion and mercy.

Overall I think this is a pretty good desription of what living the Christian life is about and what the Uniting Church is trying to live out. It is also straight to the point and very easy to understand for those people who might want to check out their local church.