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Intercessory prayer and connection

June 30th, 2009

As I have shared a number of times before on this blog, one of the main callings on my life is to pray and intercede for others. Sometimes this call to prayer comes from God as he lays somebody on my heart. At other times I hear of a situation and it touches my heart […]

Understanding the background context of Cortinthians

June 29th, 2009

I have just finished reading the New Testament book of 1 Corinthians. I have been reading it for the last week or so as a part of my daily devotions. The Book of 1 Corinthians really touches on some difficult areas. Just a quick scan of the chapter headings in the book show it talks […]

Four types of commitment

June 28th, 2009

This morning I was reflecting on commitment. For many people commitment is very hard to make. Whether it is going to church regularly, getting married or to a long term job, some just find it hard. Then I thought about the the four types of commitment I like to see at church. 1. Commitment to […]

More on revivalist book

June 26th, 2009

For the last few months I have been reading John Peters book “Great Revivalists” (pictured). Every now and then I have picked it up and read one or two of the biographies of these great revivalist preachers to be inspired. While there have been many things in common in their lifestyle like prayer, commitment to […]

A sense of expectation is building

June 25th, 2009

Last week I did a post titled “Considering the future“. In it I talked about how I have finished my studies and that I am seeking God for future direction. Since I did this post I have had a number of people praying for me and asking God to make His purposes really clear. People […]