Why do we move?

May 23rd, 2009

My wife Larissa posted this on her blog today. I thought I would share it on my blog too…

Why do we move?

Why do we move out of the loving embrace of our heavenly Father?  Why do we get dazzled by the sights and experiences of the empty world?  Why don’t we stay where we can be eternally fulfilled?  Today I was listening to the Todd Agnew CD – Grace Like Rain.  One part of the song “Still Here Waiting” struck me.  Perhaps it will you too.

I don’t know where I turned around

From chasing what I always found completed me

More than I could dream

I don’t know why I can’t remain

Safe here where I always came to meet with you

And You always met with me

And you’re still here waiting

He never moves.  He never leaves.  He never forsakes.  He waits.  He listens.  He forgives.  He loves.

From Larissa at “In Him”