The changing pastoral role?

May 17th, 2009

I have been thinking about the role of a Pastor lately. Once upon a time it used to be about preaching and teaching from the Bible and then visiting one-on-one with people in their homes or workplaces.

These days it seems to be more about leading, preaching, mentoring, networking, prayer, writing, equipping and releasing people into their callings. Rather than meeting with people one-on-one as the sole and only way of connecting, Pastors often keep in touch with people via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more.

I wonder if that is the way of the future of Pastoral ministry or if it is just a faze we are currently moving through? Does that mean someone who was considered to have a “pastoral heart” is in years gone by, is different to someone with a “pastoral heart” today?

I think the key thing for any Pastor today is to make genuine connections with people and then help them to be more connected to God and His will for their lives.

Thesedays, to do that properly we need to expand the way we connect with those around us. This of course includes one-on-one meetings, but also some of the other electronic means that are mentioned above might help us to make connections and stay connected too.