Poptropica: A safe & fun game for kids

May 14th, 2009

The latest online craze in our house is Poptropica. Poptropica is a game for 6-15 yo children. It’s designers have intentionally made it so that you can’t input anything that may be explicit or questionable.

The first thing your child (or you) would do is choose a automatically generated character, complete with a cool name like Sleepy Leopard or Hungry Jumper. Then they can customise the look by changing skin colour, hair style and colour and clothes.The character then has to go into the virtual world and explore, find and learn.

As you go through you’ll be prompted once to save the game, at this point you choose a screen name and password that is never seen by anyone but you have to remember it to login to your character again.

To leave you just close the window and it automatically remembers where you were and you go on from that point.

In the “cafe’s” you get to “interact” with other real people but all the conversation is pregenerated like, “What is you favourite colour?” The answers are also pregenerated so you can choose from “Red” or “Yellow”.  While in the “cafe’s” you can “battle” as well, by playing games such as soduko, paintwar, skidiving or hoops.

There are also different islands to explore and conquer, each of them have things you can gain and use on other islands, like the ability to fly etc.

So if you want a fun game for your youngish kids to play online that is safe and fun, then you might like to have a look at Poptropica.