A changing focus

May 13th, 2009

An interesting thing has been happening to me over the last little while. My focus has been changing from wanting to be upfront in church and ministry to working away in the background being more of a support worker.

I don’t know exactly when this started to happen, but it has slowly been changing. Rather than wanting to preach or lead  the church, my desire at the moment is to get along side people and work away as part of the team to get things done.

In many ways my satisfaction level has grown while doing the background work too. I find I am really enjoying things like building the church website, being on prayer support team and learning things like how to use the sound desk.

I find it interesting how God gives us different seasons in life as we serve Him. There are times when we need to be up front and times where we might take a back seat and support others in their role.

The great thing is that if we know God and we do what He asks of us, we are all playing our part in seeing His Kingdom expand. And that’s an awesome thing and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!