3 simple ideas for church websites

May 8th, 2009

I am in the process of building a website for our church. Last night I did a presentation to our Elders about what I could do for the church website. Part of this was three simple and cheap ideas for church websites that are easy to set up and update. Here’s the three options…

1. WordPress.com – WordPress is a simple content management system used to create and maintain a website/blog. For a free website for your church or ministry you can go and sign up and get started. It has a number of templates that you can use for the design of your site and it has a few others features you can use to customise your it. If you can surf the web and send email you should be able to follow the instructions to work it out. Users will find your site by typing www.yourchurch.wordpress.com.

2. WordPress.com plus domain name – The second option for a cheap website is using WordPress.com but adding your churches domain name. A domain name is personalised address for your website (ie www.passionaustralia.org). You simply register your domain name and then have it pointed to your WordPress site. People who type in www.yourchurch.org.au will get transfered to www.yourchurch.wordpress.com. For about $20 or so per year that is not a bad price for a cheap website!

3. WordPress on a server – The final option for a cheap and easy website for your church is purchasing some space on a server and attaching your domain name to it. For the last eight years I have used Ian @ www.auschurch.com.au. He gives cheap hosting to not-for-profits and churches. This option will cost about A$150 per year which works out to about $3 per week. The great benefit of hosting on a server if you have access to a lot of other features including forums, shopping carts, live web stats, your own email addresses and more. It does require someone who knows how to set up WordPress on a server, but once it is done it is well worth it.

The main reason I recommend WordPress is that it is simple to learn, the site can be updated from any computer with internet access and it is easy to hand over if the webservant (webmaster) changes churches or moves away.

I hope that helps if you are thinking of building a simple and cheap website for your church.

God Bless,


PS. The link to www.auschurch.com.au is not paid advertising and I do not receive any money for referrals. I am just very happy with the service!