REACH book

May 5th, 2009

I just started reading Scott Wilkins book “REACH: A team approach to evangelism and assimilation”. I picked it up from our local Christian bookstore in Merredin for $2.00 – what a bargin!

In the first chapter Wilkins talks about the relational approach to evangelism. This is one that I feel works best. He shares three “I’s” that I found helpful.

1. Invest – invest time in building relationships. Make time to get to know people who don’t know Jesus. Just build natural friendships and relationships.

2. Invite – invite people to church functions so they can see what church is like, get to know others there and hear the gospel.

3. Introduce – introduce people to Jesus. Tell them your story and how life has changed for the better since you have come to know Him. Tell them how one comes to know Jesus personally.

In the next few weeks I will share any other insights I pick up while reading. If you want to check it out yourself, you can get it from Koorong here