God talk

May 4th, 2009

My wife, kids and I have been attending our local Uniting Church for about three months now. There are a lot of great things about this church and we have been really encouraged in our faith there. One thing that I really love is their “God talk”.

During most Sunday services the leader opens the floor for God talk. This is where the members can stand up and share something good God is doing in their lives. It might be an answer to prayer, some encouragement they have received from the Bible or how something has really blessed them.

I always get encouraged during this time of sharing. It really shows how God is alive, active and deeply involved in our peoples lives. When I hear of peoples triumphs and tragedies and how God was with them in the midst of things I go away encouraged and strengthend in my faith.

God talk in the middle of the church service is a great way to inspire and encourage each other in our faith. If you lead services in your church, you might like to try it one week.

God Bless,