Common commitments of the revivalists

April 30th, 2009

As I mentioned the other day I am reading John Peters book, “Great Revivalists: 1700 to the present day”.

In the closing summary he shares some of the common things that the major revivalists believed or were committed to. I found these quite interesting.

  1. Submission to the teaching of the Bible
  2. Openness to the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit
  3. Deep devotion to prayer and worship
  4. Integrity of lifestyle in terms of transformed behaviour
  5. An intense desire to glorify Jesus
  6. Humility

Peters shares throughout the book that while true revival is solely based on the will of a sovereign God, these things were present in all of the major revivalists in the last 300 years.

I really hope and pray that I get to see and I am involved in true revival in my lifetime. In the meantime I am going to commit myself to the things mentioned above and pray for a sovereign move of God in my region.