Acts chapter one reflections

April 22nd, 2009

I was reading Acts chapter one this morning (Acts 1:1-26). For those who might not be aware, the Book of Acts records the start of the early church. As I read four things jumped out at me…

1. The Resurrection confirmed – In verse 3 we see that Jesus spent 40 days with the people. In this time He proved that He really was raised physically and not just spiritually. It says Jesus, “gave many convincing proofs that He was alive”.

2. Promise of power – In verse 8 Jesus promised the power of the Holy Spirit to help be His witnesses. This makes me wonder why we are timid in our witness sometimes if we have access to this power?

3. He will return the same way – In verses 10-11 we find two angels tell the Apostles that Jesus would return the same way He left. When Jesus comes back it will be from the clouds and visible. 1 Thessalonians 4:16 echoes this description.

4. They replaced Judas – In verses 15-26 Peter and the other believers sought the Lord to replace Judas. Two men were chosen and they prayed to see which one the Lord wanted. It was important that he was a witness to all that Jesus had done.

Acts 1 is a fairly short chapter, but one that contains some pretty significant things – the confirmed raising of Jesus, the promise of power to witness, what Jesus’ return will be like and replacing Judas who betrayed Jesus.

It also shows that the disciples didn’t just sit back and wait for it all to happen. They were proactive in prayer, meeting together and getting on with the task at hand.