More than a piece of paper

April 18th, 2009

I have had a few conversations with people recently about ministry studies and having a formal ministry qualification. Some think it is important while others think it is more about having the ministry “giftings” and doing the work of a minister.

I think it is important to have both. I believe that you need to have a call and giftings to work in ministry, but I also believe it is important to have gone and studied the Bible and other ministry requirements too.

I really believe that having a recognised ministry qualification in more than just a piece of paper. It shows that you are committed to ministry, it shows you have done the work in studying the Bible and that it gives a certain level of credibility to what you are saying. After all imagine going to an accountant who hasn’t been to University!

For me personally, having a ministry qualification and doing the work involved to pass the course, has grown me and prepared me to be much more effective in what I do. It has also given me a much more solid foundation to minister from and this allows me to be a greater blessing to those around me.