Managing your mental energy

April 14th, 2009

One of the things I have become better at as I have gotten older is managing my mental energy. In years gone by I would push myself to the limit and always do all the things I said I would no matter what. I even did it to the point of burning out at times.

However as I have aged I have recognised when I am feeling tired mentally and I need to take a break. I can now see when it is time to take a break from the various roles I play and I am able to manage the rest and downtime a bit better.

I experienced this recently with my studies and other involvements. I had been especially busy with my lectures and assignments and it really drained me mentally getting them all done. I got to the point where I needed to take a break and had to ask to be released from a couple of engagements to take a break to freshen up. I really believe that doing this will me to be more helpful long term.

So why am I posting on this? My goal in talking about mental energy today is to encourage you to look at how you manage your mental resources. We are all human and we all have limits. Yes we have a supernatural God in our corner and the Holy Spirit as our comfort and strength, but there are times when we need to ease back a bit to rest and recover so we can do better long term. After all Jesus even took time out!

Here’s some reflection questions you might like to ask yourselft – What am I like at managing my mental energy reserves? Am I good at taking a break when I need it or do I push on to burn out? Am I able to ask to be released from some of my roles for a while or do I push on and not let people know I need a break?