A liberated and free life

March 25th, 2009

One of my lecturers said a statement last week that I thought was very profound. He said, “The greatest testimony for God is a liberated life”. As I have reflected on this I have found it to be very true.

Here’s a few things that I feel liberated from since coming to know Jesus. These are some of the things I used to worry about and fear…

  1. The future – I now know God has it under control. He has a wonderful plan and purpose for me and the Bible tells me it is good.
  2. The past – I now know God has forgiven me and set me free from past mistakes. I can now approach life with new freedom.
  3. My finances – I now know God owns all the cattle on all of the hills and He will supply our needs as we love and serve Him.
  4. My eternal destiny – I now know Jesus died for me to purchase my salvation. I know I will spend eternity with God and as a result I no longer fear death.
  5. Worldly standards – I now no longer feel compelled to compare myself to others and keep up with those around me. Since coming to know Christ I am free to be me.
  6. My health – Growing up with Rheumatoid Arthritis made me fearful of what my future health would be like. I now know God has it all under control and I trust Him.

I used to worry about these things. Some times way too much. I would always compare myself to others and wondered what they thought of me. I was also worried about the future and if it would be good.

Now since coming to know Christ I feel free and I am feeling more free each day. As the Bible says in John chapter 8 verse 36, “So if the Son [Jesus] sets you free, you will be free indeed”. Yes I feel free…very free indeed!

If you would like to know this freedom, it all begins with coming to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. I would encourage you to visit my “peace with God” page to invite Jesus into your life today.

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