Find my family

March 18th, 2009

Each week my wife, kids and I watch Channel 7s Find my Family. Each week one or more of us cry as families are re-united after being separated from each other for many years.

Each week a different thing might get us and bring the tears. Sometimes it is the people who have been separated from family breakdown. Sometimes it is the mother who was forced to give up her baby by her parents 40-50 years ago. Sometimes it is the finding out that they are not alone in the world and they have brothers and sisters. Or sometimes it is the moments where people see each other for the first time many years later.

I feel so blessed and lucky to know my family and know where they all are. We don’t always see each other as we are spread all over Australia, but we can always pick up the phone or email to catch up.

As a family, this show helps us to appreciate how lucky and blessed we are to have each other.