The parables of the lost

March 5th, 2009

In Luke chapter 15 we find three parables or stories that Jesus told. They are sometimes known as the Parables of the Lost. These three stories give us a glimpse of God’s heart towards those who are lost and need restoration with Him.

In the first parable about the lost sheep (Luke 15:4-7) Jesus talks about a shepherd leaving the 99 sheep and going out into countryside to go after the one that is lost. In verse five we see the joy that is expressed when the sheep is found and in verse seven Jesus likens this to the rejoicing in heaven for one sinner who repents. This parable teaches us as Christians that we need to have the same concern for the one individual person that God has. It teaches that we should go out and look for those who have wandered away from the faith and that we can’t stay in the confines of the church and expect people to back come to us. We need to go out into the “fields” and invite people back into fellowship with God and other Christians.

The second parable talks about a lady who loses one of her ten silver coins (Luke 15:8-10). This parable explains the lengths that she goes to find the coin. In this parable we see the importance of finding what is lost to God. In the case of the parable it is a coin, but in reality Jesus is talking a lost person. A person who is alone and separated from God. In these first two parables Jesus provides a clear example for us to follow and shows that finding lost “sheep” and missing “coins” is a disciple’s priority.

The last parable records the story of a wayward son who returns to his father after squandering his inheritance in a foreign land (Luke 15:11-32). We see that the son decides to return home and beg his father’s forgiveness. As the son approaches home the father runs towards him and accepts and restores him to the family. While this parable is talking about a natural father and a son, the father mentioned is actually an illustration of the character of God and the central theme of this parable is the pardoning love of God. For Christians this parable shows us God’s heart towards wayward people who come to Him. His heart is to love, forgive and accept them in to His arms and into His eternal family.

How about you? Do you feel lost and like you need to be found by God the Father? If so, I would encourage you to visit my “Peace with God” page today so you can find love and acceptence in God’s arms and be welcomed into His eternal family.

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