What I am looking for in a church

March 2nd, 2009

Recently my wife and I have started attending one of the local churches in town. Like most people we have certain things we look for in a church. Today I thought I would share some of the things that I look for when looking for a local church for our family.

1. Fellowship – I am looking for a place where we can fit in and make real connections with people. I want to make Christian friends that I can journey through life with and encourage and support each other along the way. An important part of this fellowship connection is a place where my wife and kids can fit in and make friends too.

2. Bible teaching – A key part of me staying at a church is that it is a church that teaches the Bible. I want to be fed and encouraged in my faith so I can keep moving forward and go out into the world and reach people for Christ. As someone who gives out a lot I need a place where I can be fed. I see this as vital if I am going to minister long term.

3. Using my gifts – For me being a part of a local church means using the gifts God has given me to encourage and build up other people in the congregation. I am someone who prays and intercedes for people and I also like to communicate God’s Word in a practical way that people can use. If there is an opportunity to use my gifts in a place I am more likely to stay and sink down roots.

Now these are only three of the things that I look for in a church, there are more, but these are the main ones. Ultimately though, when I am looking for a church it needs to be a place where I feel God wants us to be as a family. While these three things are important, it is more about God’s leading and God’s peace about where we are. If God says, “this is the place”, then I know all the rest will fall into place.