More connected to older style church

February 23rd, 2009

Recently my wife, kids and I have started attending an older style church in town. One that has hymns and choruses, prayers of interecession, old pews, stained glass windows, hymn books and many years of tradition. I have found that I have really enjoyed it too!

One thing that I have especially enjoyed is the connection I have with those around me during the service. As we progress through the older style church service, I have felt the same connection to God that I usually feel, but I have felt more connected to the people around me too.

I think at times in the past I have found that I can go through a service and almost be alone in a cocoon. I worshipped, took communion, listened to the message, focussed on God and connected with Him, but at times had blinkers on to those around me until afterwards.

I have found that for me this older and perhaps more structured style of service helps me to do church together with others. I find that with the choruses and hymns interspersed with the prayers, announcements and other things it helps me to stay in touch with those around me, rather than just go off into my God zone.

Now I am not saying that you can’t connect with God and others in the  more recent style of service where worship, communion and message happen in a “block” order, but for me it has helped me to be focussed on God and others and do church together.

The older style of church has been an interesting experience and one that I have not had before.