Why I love the Old Testament

February 20th, 2009

For Christians I think it can be hard to read and study the Old Testament (OT) at times. There are so many things that we don’t understand or that don’t relate to our 21st century culture. There are lots of rules that seem impossible to follow and there is the animals sacrifices.

I was one of theose people that struggled with the OT and although I read it ocassionally I didn’t really dig into it in the same way I did with the New Testament (NT). However I have come to really love the OT and these days I spend as much time in it as I do the NT.

Here’s a few reasons why I love the OT…

1. Creation account – the first pages of the OT tell us how we got here. It tells us that God created the world, that He made all the animals and that He made humans to love and be in relationship with Him. So many people struggle as to why we are here and how did we get here. The OT answers those questions early on and moves on to others things.

2. God’s miraculous intervention – numerous times throughout the OT we see God miraculously intervening to save His people. In the NT most miracles are for the individual person. In the OT the miracles are huge and save a nation. Just looked at the parting of the Red Sea. That is a massive miracle that shows God is not a far of distant God who does not get involved. He is right in the middle of things.

3. Jesus’ backstory – if we want to truly understand who Jesus is we need to put it in context of the OT. Jesus is the Saviour of mankind. If we don’t read the OT we don’t get the full picture of why a Saviour was needed. Also when we read the OT we also see the hundred of prophecies that tell us what the Saviour would be like when He came. When we look at Jesus we see He fulfilled over 300 of those prophecies. There can be no doubt that Jesus was the Saviour the Jews were waiting for.

4. Flawed heroes – when we read the Bible we read about some great heroes that did some amazing things for God and His people. However when we read the OT we find that while these heroes did some great things, they were also  flawed characters who stuffed up big time. When I read that David was a man after God’s own heart, but commited adultery and murder, it gives me hope that I can be used by God to do great things too.

These are just some of the reasons why I love the Old Testament. There are so many more, but I thought these would give you a glimpse of my appreciation of the OT which comprsies two thirds of the Bible’s pages.

If you have struggled with the OT in the past, perhaps it might be time to give it another go again soon.