Victorian Bushfires

February 9th, 2009

It is hard to comprehend that 108 people have been confirmed dead and over 750 homes have been destroyed in the Victorian bushfires. Some whole towns have been burnt to the ground and families have lost everything…and the fires are not out yet.

In times like this my heart goes out to everyone involved. I pray for those who are fighting the fires, the support staff, the doctors and nurses of the ground and the chaplains who are dealing with the emotions of the people who have lost everything. My heart also goes out for those who have lost loved ones or don’t know if they are alive or dead yet. It is such a heartbreaking time for them.

Being on the other side of the country there is not much I can do apart from pray and offer finacial support. The Red Cross has set up a bushifres appeal for those who are able to make donations. They can be made using their secure online donations form or by phoning 1800 811 700.

I am hoping and praying today that the weather continues to be favourable for the firefighters and that those on the ground are able to provide the help and support needed to comfort those who have lost everything. I am also praying that the miraculous stories of survival start to come out today and that many of the people thought to be lost would be found safe and well.