Return home and tell

February 4th, 2009

When Jesus does something amazing for us that really changes our lives, many people respond by wanting to give up everything to follow Him unto the ends of the earth. While this is a nobel thing, it is not always the best way for God to receive all the glory.

In Luke chapter 8 (Luke 8:26-39) we see the story of a demon possessed man. He was separated from society and was living in a graveyard amongst the tombs. When Jesus came to that place He caste the demons out of him and the man returned to normal. With that the man tells Jesus that will follow Him anywhere. What was Jesus response? “Return home and tell how much God has done for you” (v39). The man did what Jesus said and told the whole town.

The interesting thing I find about this story is that God would receive the most glory if the man went back to his own town. If this violent demon possessed man suddenly turned up in his right mind, people would ask why and God could be glorified.

Like us today, when God does something great for us and changes our lives, we can make the biggest impact often right where we are. Our testimony of God’s love, grace, healing and/or mercy towards us might be the best way to glorify God and bring people to Him.

Then in time God might call us on to something else. Which might just be the ends of the earth.