Are we against normal schools?

January 23rd, 2009

With school about to start again for the year I thought I would answer one of the questions I am often asked about homeschooling – “Are we against sending your kids to normal schools?”

The answer to that is a big no! We are not against normal schools – whether government, private or Christian. My wife and I both attended public schools and like most people had both good and bad experiences to look back on.

By homeschooling we are not judging the public school system or parents who send their kids to them. We are just exercising one of the options that is available to educate your kids. For us as a family we just feel it is the best option and best fit in our situation.

I just think that no matter what option you chose for your kids education – public, private or at home – there are positives and negatives for each of them. It is a matter of making the best of the situation and preparing your kids the best you can for their lives ahead.