Landing in good soil

January 22nd, 2009

Last week I re-read Jesus’ parable of the farmer scattering seed from Matthew 13:3-9. If you are not familiar with the story the farmer scatters seed on four types of ground – road, rocky, thorny and good soil.

In the parable we see that the see that fell on the road was eaten by the birds, the seeds on the rocky ground couldn’t put down roots and dried out in the sun, the seed in the thorny bushes was chocked by the bushes and the seed that fell in the good soil grew to its potential.

Jesus used this story to talk about people receiving the word of God and what then what happened to it. It is explained further on in Matthew 13:18-23. In short the seeds that fell on the road, rocky ground and the thorny bushes never reached their potential. While the seed that fell in good soil went on to reap a harvest 30, 60 or 100 times more (Matthew 13:8).

As I read this parable I can’t help but think of  my life as a Christian. I want to make sure my “seed” goes as far down as possible into good soil so it reaches its potential. I want to make sure I produce a harvest 100 fold!

That is why I do the things I do. I have purposed in my heart to keep up my daily time with God in prayer, my daily Bible reading and I have returned again to full time studies this year. I want to do my best to be in the position to produce the full harvest Jesus wants me to produce!

Jesus gave His best for me and I want to do the same for Him.