Finished reading Matthew

January 21st, 2009

In my quest to read one chapter of the New Testament a day this year, I am already finished the 28 chapters of Matthew. That means I am a few days ahead of target, but that is ok from my perspective as sometimes the Bible grabs you and you “need” to keep reading.

Reading in the CEV has given me a new perspective and a new appreciation of some of the stories that I have read many times before. This time as I read Matthew a few things really jumped out at me…

  • I was amazed just how many miracles Jesus performed and how many people He healed as He travelled around. It was such a central part of His ministry.
  • I was also reminded just how many times Jesus told the disciples beforehand that He would be handed over the chief priests and killed only to rise on the third day.
  • The parables of the faithful servants (Matt 24:45-51, 25:14-30) and the Tenants of the Vineyard (Matt 21:33-46) also re-emphasised the need to be serving faithfully and doing your best for Jesus.

For me reading Matthew was a real blessing. It has jolted me out of study mode and ministry mode that it is easy to get into as a Christian. Sometimes we can get so caught up in getting things out of the Bible to learn or to share with others that we forget to just read it for pure enjoyement and to hear God’s words to us.