Different version stimulates deeper study

January 13th, 2009

This morning as I was reading through Matthew 13 I came across a passage I had read a few times before and glossed over. This time as I read it in the CEV it jumped out at me and I saw it differently.

This caused me to looked up my copy of e-Sword to find the Greek words used. Then out came the Matthew Henry Commentary of the Bible, then the New Bible Commentary by IVP and a couple of other versions on the Bible I own for comparrison.

After about half an hour I found I had a new and deeper understanding of the passage in question. This deeper understanding was sparked by one word which caught my attention!

This is what I was hoping would happen this year as I read the Bible in a different version to usual. I was hoping that it would stimulate my mind to cause me to look at old things differently and to bring new understanding and new truth that I could pass on to others.